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Learning To Make Authentic Italian Pizza!

The School of Italian Pizza is Canada's premiere venue for learning how to make authentic Italian Pizza. They teach lessons in Traditional, Neapolitan and Al Taglio pizza styles. Lessons are hands on with small class sizes allowing every participant ample time to practise making their own pizzas. The branding is fun, and eye catching, just like the courses and the pizzas that students learn to make. To stand out from other pizza schools and restaurants, blue was used as the primary colour instead of red.

The Final Result

The School of Italian Pizza has eye catching branding and marketing materials to drive traffic to their website and encourage visitors to sign up for pizza making courses.

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The School of Italian Pizza

If you're looking to open up a new pizzeria, or want the best pizza makers working for you, a good education is a must. The School of Italian Pizza is one of the premiere pizza making schools in North America, and their branding has to match.

The School of Italian Pizza
Release Date:
January 2019

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