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A Wine To Remember

Solo Cru wines are selected from award winning Italian vineyards with long histories and sold to high end restaurants across North America. To set Solo Cru apart from other wine importers we decided on a palette of bright colours that would be memorable and eye catching and that were each tied to the different types of wines sold. With a product sold to restaurants across Canada and as a new company, Solo Cru branding has to be memorable and stand out amongst all of the other wines that restauranteurs and purchasers look at when selecting new wines for their menu.

The Final Result

A complete branding update for SoloCru that included a new website, information sheets and product specification sheets for a line of over 60 wines that stands out from other companies in the wine and spirits distribution industry.

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SoloCru Wines

We wanted the Solocru brand to standout from other wine companies in North America, so making it eye catching was necessary.

SoloCru Wines
Release Date:
January 2019

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